What is Link Building?

What is Link Building?

An important part of SEO involves making your website trustworthy and credible. The purpose of writing engaging content for the web is to provide valuable, unique information that drives more traffic to your website, enhances your brand’s reputation and increase conversions.

However, there is little point in writing such valuable content when no one is able to see it.

In order to promote web resources and build an online presence on Google through, we use a digital marketing strategy called Link Building to improve your website’s domain authority, which will allow your website content to climb search engine rankings and be discovered by more people.

Link Building is a popular SEO methodology that involves effective outreach and cherry-picking quality link prospects from relevant sources. It is an excellent tactic used in SEO for growing your online visibility and maximising better results in the SERPs. So, if you want to enhance the authority of your site, link building is the right place to start.

Here is a guide to help you learn more about why Link Building is important for SEO.

what is link building?

How does Link Building work?

Links are highly valuable in SEO because they have the power to impact our search engine rankings, particularly on Google. For every positive backlink achieved, the more visible your site will become to Google.

This is because search engines use links to crawl the Web and find relevant websites, using “trust” signals to rank in order of source and content credibility.

Search engines use links to:

  • Discover new web pages
  • Determine where a web page should rank

Securing backlinks can also provide your audience a direct access path to your site through referral traffic – people clicking links from other websites that lead to yours. To build more search traffic to your website, you need to earn good links from relevant sources. In order to be good at link building, you need to have strong social skills and exceptional communication.

When it comes to Link Building, you need to create a customised link building strategy. Your strategy must include genuine reasons for another website to trust, and link, to a page on your site, such as the quality of your content, and the relevance of another website to link to yours for the benefit of their readership.

Link Building is challenging, especially if you head up the department, as you’ll then need to focus on writing meaningful content whilst simultaneously outreaching to the right audience. Additionally, the amount of people you should reach out to is diminished, but quite rightly, through relevancy. This does it make things tougher, but it is worth it for the end gain.

Essentially, it is important to acquire links from websites whose users would find also value in your site.

Tips to earn links more quickly:

You’ve heard that phrase “Quality over quantity”, right? This works in the same way for Link Building. If you didn’t know, there is a such thing as a quality backlink! When it comes to Link Building, you need to aim for high quality links that bring better value to your backlink profile.

A quality backlink will come from a trustworthy, credible website that has been around for some time, and has backlinks from other multiple trusted resources. This is why Link-Building for new websites is essential (once you have content ready) in order to build its trust up over the years to come – to catch up with your competitors and beyond.

The links you build need to be natural and within Google’s guidelines. If you consistently get poor backlinks (e.g. link spam, link-building farms with no purpose other than to link to others), Google can penalise your site for it. Which is why it’s important to create a disavow file and disavow poor backlinks, particularly if they are in a large quantity.

What determines high-quality links?

  • Authority of the linking page (also known as URL Rating)
  • Authority of the linking site (also known as Domain Authority Rating)
  • Content relevance

Links should always:

  • Be naturally earned
  • Come from high URL and DA Rating websites
  • Come from relevant blog sources
  • Use valuable anchor text (e.g. high volume, yet relevant keywords)
  • Drive qualified traffic to your site

Is it bad to pay for links?

Did you know that buying backlinks for SEO is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines? If you buy or sell a link in a monetary exchange, this could result in a penalty if you happen to be caught.

It can put your site at risk of a heavy drop in rankings, or even result in your site being removed from Google’s index entirely.

Why is it important to track backlinks?

It is important to track the quality of your backlinks, in order to attract higher numbers of the right audience to your site. If your site has a higher number of quality links, it will show your site is popular and of importance with search engines. In addition, Google will give your site credibility and more relevance in a search query over time. Remember to be patient though, there are so many websites and results on search engines, that it can take time for the likes of Google to acknowledge your updated backlink profile and subsequently show you better results.

Vice versa, it’s important to look out for any reg flags, e.g. irrelevant websites linking to you with strange anchor text (e.g. Whiskas Cat Food, when you actually own a plumbing services website).

Our Link Building Strategy

The Local Marketing Team are proud to offer expert Link-Building as a part of our higher tier SEO packages. By implementing unique strategies, we are able to gain high-quality backlinks for a wide variety of clients. In addition, we can track and monitor the performance of these links to ensure you get the very best bang for your SEO buck.

If you’re interested in working with us, we are more than happy to provide you more information about our Link-Building services. Please feel free to call us on 01255 446117 or email us [email protected] to find out more.

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    Quality arcticle, very accurate and informative – like you, I’d like to know the other 200+ factors google use to rank websites.

    You’re right In what you say though, quality content and a good backlink profile are right up there on the list of ranking factors!

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