Our experienced B2B Lead Generation team will generate the leads you need to help your business grow. We provide our business development expertise to get you the results you need, whilst helping you save time and resources simultaneously.

Our process will involve identifying data on companies and decision-makers most likely to be receptive to your service or product. Qualified meetings are at the height of importance for us when it comes to representing your company, so rest assured that every lead you receive is of the highest quality.

Lead Generation

Identifying potential customers in your target market is a time-consuming process that requires a specific skill set. We have the tools, infrastructure and experience to reduce the costs of creating quality sales opportunities whilst providing you with fantastic business opportunities. We generate leads from face-to-face meetings and telephone calls with companies looking for your products or services.

Appointment Setting

Building a solid sales funnel is a hugely important aspect to any business, because a continuous stream of leads is what will truly grow your business. If your product/service is one that is best represented through face-to-face meetings with companies that meet your target criteria, then our Telemarketing experience is what will create these opportunities in abundance.

Data Cleansing

In order to get the most out of your prospective or existing customer database, it is important to ensure that it is accurate and updated; that's where we can help. Whether you require us to simply validate a list or provide a completely new database, we are able to do both quickly and effectively. At the beginning and end of every campaign, we utilise a mailer to cleanse your data.

Email Marketing

Our Lead Generation process includes an initial email to your database containing an engaging article written by our Content Writer. We send the mailer at the beginning of the month, followed by a second email with a sales message. Then, by using tracking software, we collate a list of all the potential customers that opened and clicked our email link; allowing us to generate leads from your engaged audience.

Let Us Grow Your Business

Our Professional Telemarketing is built on industry knowledge, high-level sales negotiations and a dedication to achieving results that we can be genuinely proud of.

Here at The Local Marketing Team, the reason we have grown so rapidly over the past 2 years is due to our motivated Sales Executives working extremely hard to generate only the best leads for not only our clients, but our own company too.

That’s why we know our process works!

Bespoke Packages To Suit Your Company

We deliver Telemarketing which engages, interests and converts cold prospects into qualified leads. Whether you’re generating leads for your Sales Team, up-selling new products or services to your existing customer base, we’ll build a bespoke Telemarketing Package which fits your company and personal requirements.

This includes creating your wish list — a list of companies you particularly desire to partner with to potentially become very profitable.

We believe in results, we set the number of desired meetings required to justify our fees whilst setting targets to exceed your expectations.

Telemarketing Terms & Conditions

Let's Begin With a Meeting