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Search Engine Optimisation with The Local Marketing Team

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Why Choose The Local Marketing Team

Our in-house team are dedicated and passionate about helping small and local businesses. We work with local businesses across Essex to keep our relationship, contact and plans growing. We are always improving our services by training, attending the latest events and investing in structure and experience.

We are very confident in our packages and believe whichever you choose for your business our SEO will help your company grow in the right direction.

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Our Services & Expertise

Why do I need a consultation?
It is extremely important for our marketing managers to understand your needs for SEO by discussing your exact requirements, understanding your businesses goals and your customers. We take the time to listen, to research and build a plan going forward. It is also important for us to help you understand who we are and what we will be helping you to achieve.
How will I know what is happening?
We will continue to keep in contact with you through the entire contract every single month, not only will you be able to speak to your account manager and SEO Specialists, you will also receive detailed reports from our very own marketing administrator. It is important for us to ensure you are kept up to date with the work we are providing you.
Do I need to get involved?
No, but, we always find when our customers work with us and pay attention to work we are providing, provide us information and update us with recent work completed that the project works alot better than if left alone. SEO is a slow and steady pace service and being patient is very important as we will be tackling for new customers and conversions from your website, which doesn't always come easy, as every business is fighting for this.

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