Here is what Braedon got up to last week

Here is what Braedon got up to last week

Braedon has been with us for 6 weeks now and is settling in well with the rest of the team! He has already been getting involved with a huge variety of technical SEO tasks, while working closely with our Junior SEO Executive Charlotte. In addition, Braedon has been showing us his expert industry knowledge, so we can improve our SEO processes even further. To give you a little insight, we thought we would share with you what Braedon got up to last week.

One of the areas Braedon worked on last week was crawling our clients’ websites. This allowed him to discover new improvements that could be made to further enhance SEO performance. Braedon has been getting used to adopting our small business clients with varying packages at a local agency, whereas before Braedon was used to working at a larger-sized agency with fewer national clients.

“I’ve been getting to know the rest of the team and already I consider them as friends. We’ve all been working hard together and have been sharing great marketing ideas. On our lunch breaks, we’ve been getting the creative juices flowing by going back to the drawing-board with hotly-contested games of hangman!”


here is what braedon got up to last week

As our Senior SEO Specialist, Braedon has been conducting relevant keyword research, learning more about WordPress Development and creating meta data to improve rankings and clickthrough rate. He has offered support and advice to the rest of our team, while sharing new ideas. These include new Link-Building processes to implement moving forward, and a new quality assurance process for content, as well as making technical changes to websites with conversions in mind.

Next week Braedon is going to focus on improving the back-link profile of his clients. He will also start to help build our own brand for The Local Marketing Team. To do this, Braedon will be putting together free advice giveaways for our social media platforms, as well as sharing digital marketing tips. Another area Braedon wants to focus on is creating videos for our blog articles.

Braedon is always available for SEO advice, so why not give us an email or a call with any questions you may have? All of us are happy to help!