What Ebay and Amazon’s Huge Sales Increases Are Telling Us
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What Ebay and Amazon’s Huge Sales Increases Are Telling Us

I hope you’re reading this article in the best possible financial and physical health. Things are tough for everyone right now, and there’s not much being offered in the form of answers. But the one thing that doesn’t lie is statistics. Statistics bring us the cold, hard facts, be they good or bad. 

At The Local Marketing Team, we’ve been looking at a lot of stats to see what is happening to the world with these massive life changes currently taking place and seeing how we can use them to help our clients. 

According to online retail software company Veeqo, one place that has seen huge growth in these unprecedented times is online retailers.

Retailers like Amazon and eBay reported increased sales of 25%, which is undoubtedly an increase in hundreds of millions in revenue. Some online retailers and ecommerce shops are even seeing growth of up to 150%, which is double and a half their usual takings! 

When you drill down into this, it’s no coincidence or surprise that this is happening. People are stuck indoors, can’t physically visit a shop or buy things in person, so online shopping is the obvious thing they will turn to.

With this in mind, we’ve been working hard to make sure clients with online shopping facilities are making the most of this increase in online traffic and keeping their heads financially above water.

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