Here is what Max got up to last week

Here is what Max got up to last week

Another month, another spotlight blog for you to enjoy! This time it’s our telemarketer Max.

After joining us only 3 months ago, Max has already become an integral part of The Local Marketing Team. To give you a better understanding about Max’s role, here is an insight into what he got up to last week.

Hotline Bling

As Max’s job mainly involves being on the line, it is difficult to go into detail with what tasks he completed, but to sum his week up, here it is! 

During the week he delivered some great new appointments to help improve our telemarketing results. In addition to making calls, Max attended a few new client meetings to support our directors Matt and Jamie. 

When it comes to looking after our clients, Max has really impressed us with his passion and enthusiasm. Max has been completely consistent with hitting his telemarketing targets and has not missed a single one yet! 

The best part of it all is that Max has been to a couple of appointments to assist our director Matt on deal closures. This has given Max more experience with understanding what customers want and need in the world of marketing.

Training & Development

Since he first started, Max has developed his knowledge and performance skills to progress further in his role.

The rest of our team have supported Max’s development and taught him more about the background of putting a website together. This has helped Max sell them with a higher level of knowledge and insight to our potential clients. 

He has also focused on learning more about the clients products, so he can promote and sell them correctly through telemarketing. 

SEO is no longer an alien subject to Max, and he has come to understand the important role it plays in digital marketing.

Max has also learnt about the power of social media and how it can benefit the performance of our customers websites. 

Guess the drawing….

To keep us entertained last week, the team joined up to play a game of Pictionary. However Max did confuse us all with his puzzling drawing. Can you guess what it is?

Got it yet? It’s ‘DNA Evidence’. In case you can’t tell, Max is a bit of a pro! The team definitely had to rack their brains to work this one out…

here is what max got up to last week #1


Outside of work, Max loves all things cars, motorbikes, MMA fighting and boxing. His Jaguar XF and Hyosung GTR 250CC RR motorbike are his pride and joy! 

Aside from his motors, Max really enjoys spending time with his partner and children. When the sun is shining, he likes going on Sunday drives to the pub in his convertible.

What’s Next?

After being with The Local Marketing Team for 3 months, Max has improved his sales skills and has become more even more confident in obtaining high-quality appointments via the telephone. 

In the next step of his journey, Max would like to learn more about digital marketing to become proficient in selling websites and services such as SEO and Social Media Management. As time progresses, there’s no doubt that the world (of marketing) will become his oyster!

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