All The Gossip From MENTA’s Instagram Social Media Training in Ipswich
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All The Gossip From MENTA’s Instagram Social Media Training in Ipswich

On Monday 20th January, Charlotte and Vanessa attended MENTA’s Instagram Social Media Training in Ipswich for the first time. So we thought we’d give you a little insight into what they learnt and how successful it was for us. 

The purpose of attending this event was to improve our knowledge of Social Media in general and understand how we can get the most out of our clients’ Instagram profiles. 

We wanted to further build our confidence in creating social media posts for Instagram as well as analyse any areas which may need refining. 

The course was held at the Ikon Academy in Ipswich and was delivered by our teacher Sarah. It was a really intimate class setting of 20 people from both the business and creative industry. 

We were presented with a set of the best techniques to use when it comes to marketing a business on Instagram.

During the course, we interacted with the other members of the class and got involved with different activities. For one of the activity tasks, we were asked to pair up with another person and search 5 of each business competitors via Instagram.

MENTA training for instagram

What’s New?

If you didn’t know already, ‘Instagram can generate 4 times more interactions compared to Facebook!’ This means Instagram is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool for businesses. 

An interesting fact which we found in the event is that in 2022, ‘82% of people will be consuming more videos’. So social media in the upcoming years will be more focused on video content rather than photography. This is why IGTV has come into play! – Instagram needed to introduce something new to compete with Youtube. 

In 2022, videos will be considered the most powerful mediums for content publishing on the internet. It is already the largest source of data traffic on the internet.

How To Create A Good Video

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The image above shows the 3 main top tips for filming a good video. The first step to filming a good video on your iphone is to switch to aeroplane mode. The benefit of this is that it will prevent any calls and disruptions while filming. So your recording won’t stop half way through by a phone call or notification when a text arrives. This means your audience won’t get distracted during the video. 

Another piece of advice to remember is to turn your brightness up to max. By adjusting the brightness of your iphone, this will improve how your video looks visually to enhance the content of your video. It also helps to see what you are filming clearly to assess how the final edit will look. 

To achieve the best possible video sound quality, it is advised to use your headphones as a mic. This gives you much better control over what is being recorded, whilst also giving you the ability to change the angle of your mic at any given moment, offering further flexibility on your recordings.

Instagram Marketing Methodology

On Instagram, the areas where the majority of businesses publish their video content is on Instagram Stories. These are the small icons at the top of your Instagram feed. According to a recent survey, there are approximately ‘500 million daily viewers of stories’

The event presentation highlighted the difference between the feed and stories on Instagram. The stories are used as a way to simply share your working week. Whereas your feed is your ‘Sunday Best’ attire. 

Whether you share an insight into your personal life or work day routine, both of these content ideas attract more engagement on stories.

Instagram training with MENTA

30 Days In Advance Content Plan

If you want to be one step ahead of the game, a 30 day content plan for your instagram is an effective way to ensure regular content is shared and helps keep your profile active. 

The recommended amount is 3-5 times a week. However it is more damaging if you post once or more a day. So the tip to remember is to spread your posts out during the week. 

Top 9 Content Features

  • Makeup
  • Food
  • Wedding
  • Gift Ideas
  • Pets
  • Fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Animals
  • TipsTips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

The first tip they learnt at the course was the idea of creating a photo album on your smartphone to save photos on-the-go each day. So if you are struggling for post ideas, this is a useful way to have content prepared already and save more time. 

The key to a successful Instagram page is to use the same colours. This ensures that your feed remains consistent and flows nicely for your followers. If you decide to use a filter, stick with the same filter. This will help your followers recognise your brand. 

It is recommended to add hashtags to every post. This gives you a better chance of being found on the Instagram grid. You can use up to 30 hashtags and these can be a mixture of specific or general terms. To save more time, simply save your hashtags into a word document and copy, paste them on the post each time. 

The hashtags you use must be relevant to what your audience would search to find you. So why not take inspiration from a competitor’s page? There is no rule to say you can’t take note of the hashtags others use regularly. The more hashtags you use, the more visible you are. 

Another thing they were advised with is to be aware of the ‘following’ count your profile has. If you are ‘following’ too many people at a time and it is considerably higher than your total number of followers, this can associate your business with looking desperate.

Instagram Design Trends

  • Minimalism – (Very short phrases)
  • Authenticity
  • Heavy Fonts
  • Embedded Tweets

New Marketing Knowledge

After the course, Charlotte and Vanessa returned to the office feeling a lot more confident with creating new content for Instagram. It has definitely helped boost their enthusiasm and knowledge of Instagram.

They also managed to take away some really useful tips and advice which they can now put to the test with their own clients’. In addition, the course was the perfect way to refresh their minds with the tools on Instagram.