Why is Social Media Important for your Local Business?
Social Media

Why is Social Media Important for your Local Business?

What is Social Media?

Social Media over the years has become a very big part in most people’s day to day lives. It is what enables us to engage with our friends, family and followers. In fact, the most average person a day spends 116 minutes a day on social media. Sharing and creating content quickly and efficiently to reach our peers. We are able to like, love and comment on the things we like to see. Social Media is now a large platform in which businesses now promote and market their brands to new buyers/clients, keeping us up-to-date with everything new and exciting they have to offer.

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Why is Social Media important for your local business?

Whether you are a small corner shop or a big named brand, Social Media is important for your Business Marketing! The varieties of Social Platforms help you to connect with customers by increasing awareness about your brands and boosting your sales. Social Media allows you to upload and share never ending amounts of pictures, blogs and videos for FREE, keeping your customers up-to-date with everything new in your business. And what’s better is Social Media is worldwide! With more than 3 billion people using it you’ll be reaching people from all over the world!
By being on Social Media, you are already opening your business up to receive more followers, which means more engagement, which then means more custom.

What can The Local Marketing Team offer you in Social Media for your local business?

As a Marketing Management Company we understand that running a business can be very time consuming, BUT, if you are not online and not promoting your business, how will you grow?

We can help you by targeting the perfect audience for your business by creating inspiring and consistent posts generating traffic to your website. With your help, our Social Media Experts will advertise past and current work to show your audience exactly what you can offer them. We will do this by simply adding images to posts and creating videos for added effect.

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We have found that our clients usually spend around 5-6 hours a week on Social Media just planning and creating posts to schedule out. By working with our specialists, not only do we give this time back to you, but we take the pressure away of keeping your social accounts updated. However, just because we take over for you, it does not mean you cannot be involved. You will work closely with our experts to review all plans and content going out making sure it is perfect. You can also edit, and reschedule posts at any time.

If this is something you and your business could benefit from, simply contact our team for a consultation on 01255 446117 or via email at [email protected].