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Social Media Tips and Tricks
Social Media

Social Media Tips and Tricks

Social Media is becoming more and more into our lifes. With the world’s population being 7.2 billion, and 3.03 billion users are active on social media, Social Media has never been so prominent in our everyday lives. The average person spends 116 minutes a day looking through social media. This is why every business should be part of this digital era.

At The Local marketing Team, we have come up with a list of tips and tricks to succeed at Social Media, and connecting with the digital world.

  1. Make sure your data is relevant and up to date
  2. Optimise your profile including an up to date image for both your profile picture and cover photo
  3. Consistently post and have a content calendar that supports you with this
  4. Schedule your posts for optimum times
  5. Create engaging content & use a variety
  6. Choose quality content over quantity content
  7. Interact with your customers & followers
  8. Use Hashtags
  9. Cross match your social media profiles
  10. Don’t be afraid to look at what your competitors are sharing

Make sure your data is relevant and up to date

When customers are looking for your business, you can almost guarantee that they will look on Google, and then social media channels for information about your business. What they are looking for is a phone number, website and your reviews.

When creating a social media profile, you need to ensure that the profile name matches the one of your business. Your address is up to date, if you have moved recently you should update this. Like the address, your phone number needs to be up to date.

15% of customers search social media before they contact a business. This why your data needs to be up to date and relevant to your business.

Optimise your profile including an up to date image for both your profile picture and cover photo

Customers are looking at your social media profile and then comparing you to your competitors. Ensuring that your profile picture is actually relevant to your business is like having the correct phone number. You want to give your customers a sense of trust by showing your logo or business premises in your profile picture.

Your cover photo is great opportunity to showcase some of your exclusive products or something you want to shout about. You could include a special offer here too. Rotating your cover photo is a way to keep your facebook page looking fresh and up to date.

Consistently post and have a content calendar that supports you with this
What is worse for a customer than viewing your social media page and it hasn’t been updated since 2015? I am certain that your customer will think, is this business still active? You could be losing customers due to the fact of not posting regularly.

If you complete a google search for “Content Calendar” you will be able to find a free template to help you organise your content and social media planning.

Posting regular content, can help increase your following on social media, can keep your customers engaged with your business. Ensuring that the content is relevant to your business will help with your brand profile.

Schedule your posts for optimum times

A study by CoSchedule suggests that you should post at specific times and the best day to post out on. Even though this maybe true, you still want to post out every day but on the key days try to post at the optimum times. For Facebook these are; 9 am, 1 pm and 3pm with the days on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Take a look at the image below for more information about this:

Best Times To Post on Facebook

Create engaging content & use a variety

Creating content is always a hard game. Creating the right content is even harder. However, if you create the right content that is likeable and shareable, you will be guaranteed to get engagement on your social media content. Posting text with an image and even videos will keep the customer engaged. Do not post the same type of content. Facebook has polls, milestones and start a question and answer session that will keep your customers engaged. Why not have a competition on social media? The giveaways do not have to be expensive. People these days love a freebie!

Choose quality over quantity

When you are active on social media, think about all the “Social Media Noise” you see. When you are posting content you want to ensure that the content is of a quality nature that people are more likely to engage with. By having a variety of content, as described above, and the quality of your content, you will be sure to be able to increase your social footprint.

Interact with your customers & followers

There is nothing worse than a customer being ignored on social media. When a customer comments on your post or shares new things with you, be sure to interact with them. Any negative experience that a customer has on social media will be amplified throughout their social media following too.

You need to ensure that you respond to negative feedback with a resolution. Always take complaints offline and then always post a resolution in the face of your next customer. Potential customers always look at what you are posting and how you respond to negativity.

Use Hashtags

When customers are looking something specific, they may search by Hashtags or #. The first hashtag was used in August 2007 by Chris Messina. Take a look at the tweet:

Now in Social Media everyone is using hashtags to tag their content to meet the trends. For example, #RoyalWedding was used when Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. The most popular Instagram at the moment is #Love.

Don’t forget that people follow these hashtags too. Ensuring that your content has the right hashtag will help get the most exposure possible.

Cross match your social media profiles

When you have a social media account, you don’t normally have just one account. You will sometimes have a twitter account, facebook account, instagram account and the list goes on. Making sure that your facebook account is linked to your twitter account helps with your exposure. However, do not post the same content on both platforms. The purpose of the 2 social media platforms are completely different. Twitter is more for news whereas Facebook is more of a story. There are different ways you can link your social media platforms, we have listed a couple for you:
Put a tab on your Facebook profile for twitter
Include your facebook URL on your twitter bio

Don’t be afraid to look at what your competitors are sharing

Take a look at your competitors are posting on social media. You can use their content for inspiration for your own. Obviously do not copy what they are posting, try to be original. You can see what works for them, it may even work for you.

At The Local Marketing Team, we can offer a variety of social media packages to meet the needs of your small business. Contact us today or view our social media packages to find out more!

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