Top 5 WordPress Plugins
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Top 5 WordPress Plugins

As a website design company we come across a lot of useful plugins which help us to not only design the site but to perform better for SEO and Google rankings. A lot of the plugins we look at help to compress a website and help the overall performance and usability of the website, this in return helps boost the overall conversation rate from our websites.

1/ Yoast                                            

Yoast SEO is by far our most used and favourite plugin across all of our websites. Not only will it help you understand the layout and structure of your website, but, will also help boost your SEO and rankings on Google. You will have the ability to optimize your website for the keywords you wish to rank for, check the readability of your site and ensure that you haven’t duplicated any content.

Yoast is updated every 2 weeks, so you can be assured that your site is optimized for Google’s ever changing algorithm and best of all this is just from the free version, you have a lot more to manage with their premium version, like; internal link suggestions, redirect management, Ad free and content insights with 5 words or phrases.

2/ Slider revolution

We use Slider Revolution on over 90% of our websites. In our eyes this is the most valuable plugin as a design point of view on WordPress and cannot be missed out! Once you have learnt your way around the navigational sections you will find you will be lost without it.

You will find you will never have the need to use the premium version as the free option will have everything you need and more to make your landing page absolutely stunning. Our favourite tool is the Ken Burns functionality, which is a tool that will zoom into an image automatically and focus on a certain point within that image.

Slider revolution is completely responsive and adaptable to any type of device. With over 4,000,000,000 users, slider revolution is now one of the most popular plugins within WordPress.

3/ Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a free plugin for WordPress, with one of the main features being that it can support third party plugins which most are also free. If you are looking to create a clean and tidy contact form then you will certainly be able to achieve this.


– you can create multiple contact forms;

– you can use them on different parts of your site;

– you can customize the form and the mail contents with simple mark-ups;

– easy installation because short codes are given at once in the forms list;

– HTML-familiar;

– file uploading available;

– supports Ajax-powered submitting;

– Russian translation available;

– spam-proof via CAPTHCA and Akismet spam filtering.



– it is not as flexible as stated;

– it is rather hard to set up forms;

– too many additional features to go into for a simple user.

4/ WP Bakery – Visual Composer

We install WP Bakery Page Builder into 95% of our websites. This helps us in a huge way to design clean, simple brochure and e-commerce websites. Being WordPress #1 plugin with over 2,000,000 users it simply cannot be forgotten, very simple to use, adaptive and responsive to any type of site you are looking to design + will work together with most downloadable themes.

One of the best features we use on a regular basis is their extendable API integrator. We regularly come across clients that need something specific integrated into their sites and haven’t yet had a problem.

For just $45 we highly recommend using WP Bakery to help build your website, and if you are a web designer handing over the site to your client, you will be able to easily train your client to make simple changes.

5/ WP Rocket

The downside to using WordPress is the huge amount of data it accumulates when importing content and uploading images. This will massively slow your website down to an average 20 second load speed. Rectifying this is crucial for Google’s Algorithm, to rank anywhere near the top 20 and increase conversions.

We recommend a simple but affective plugin called WP Rocket, this will help optimize images, page caching and remove Query Strings.

By using WP Rocket we have noticed a significant increase in load time and page speed on a lot of our websites, and in some cases a reduction of 15 seconds simply by using WP Rocket.

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