The Ideal Used Car Stock Solution

The Ideal Used Car Stock Solution

AutoTrader is a great platform where you can manage your used car stock as a car dealer. But uploading your stock to their platform and your dealership website can be time consuming and you can never be certain that the stock matches 100%. This is where The Local Marketing Team can assist you.

Using the latest technology, we have created the ideal solution. At The Local Marketing Team we have created a plugin, into the WordPress platform, that allows you to upload all your stock into AutoTrader and for your used car stock to be on your website automatically.

How do we do it? I hear you ask. Well, the process is very straight forward. AutoTrader provide us with a file containing all your used car data. We then take that file and using a programming script we scan it all, process it and store it into our database. We take your images as they appear on AutoTrader and attach them to each vehicle as well.

After the used car stock has been uploaded into the back end of your website, you will be to see your stock on the front end too. Showing the attention grabber and the description of the vehicle we will be able to show the used car exactly how you would like to see it. The structure of this plugin ensures that the used cars are shown in a search engine friendly way, meaning that your used cars are found by customers searching the internet for their next purchase.

What are the advantages of the Used Car Stock plugin?

Using our solution only reaps in the benefits.

  1. Hassle free stock management only on one platform.
  2. Extra exposure for your used stock.
  3. What the customer sees on AutoTrader is what they see on your dealership website.
  4. You gain a lot of time that can be used for selling your vehicles

At The Local Marketing Team, we are very proud of what we have achieved and the potential to help local car dealerships.

Are you a Used Car Dealer? Would you like this for your website? Enquire now to see how The Local Marketing Team can help you with your car dealership.