How to Recruit a Sales Person without the……

How to Recruit a Sales Person without the……

Imagine being able to recruit a sales person without the boring expense of Tax, Pensions and Employee benefits. Telemarketing could fill in the gaps for you! Why not let a professional arrange the qualified appointments for you, so you have more time to focus on representing the company. No need to worry about making the calls, Telemarketing will take the pressure from your hands and set the meetings. You will benefit from minimal costs, but at the same time reach the doors of prospecting customers and develop new sales quickly. What’s more, at the end of your session, you will have measurable results to be able to justify any money you spend.

Is Telemarketing effective for Business


Cost-Effective Marketing

Choosing Telemarketing over employing a sales team will cost your business less money. There will be no commitment to pay towards employment training schemes, as the Telemarketer will be readily qualified with call handling and other quality calling skills. If you recruit a sales person, this will come with employee benefit expenses and Tax costs. Telemarketing will make selling more efficient and easier to generate leads. Additionally, Telemarketing results are highly quantifiable, so you’re able to track all profits made.

Grow Business

If you’re company is keen to generate quantifiable leads and grow a solid sales funnel, let Telemarketing do the job for you! Whether this be face-to-face or over the phone, creating new business contacts is hugely profitable to any business. By allowing a Telemarketers to make the calls for you, you can concentrate on closing sales and retaining new customers. This will help to grow your business and build brand awareness.

Improve Company Reputation

Not only will it improve your company’s productivity, but also give the impression that you’re an established and well-trusted business. If you’re schedule is overflowing with new appointments, it will give your business a credible reputation. You have the opportunity to engage with both existing and new customers, while providing an improved personal sales service experience.

Measurable Results

With Telemarketing, you will achieve transparent results which you can analyse, report and measure. So you can clearly see where your costs are going and how well your campaign is performing. Business owners can decide whether Telemarketing is profitable in their strategic growth plans.


How does Telemarketing work?

Telemarketing involves four main processes, including Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Data Cleansing and Email Marketing. The first step is focused to identify potential customers within your target market. By organising product training, this will help the Telemarketer provide your business with quality sales and opportunities that you’re likely to convert. Another step involves opening the doors to your target market. A Telemarketer will set your desired number of appointments, so all you have to do is represent your product/service. To get the most out of your appointments, a Telemarketer is able to cleanse your customer database to ensure it is accurate and current.


What can The Local Marketing Team offer?

Whether you’re looking to generate qualified leads for your Sales Team, up-sell new products or services to your existing customer base, we’ll build a bespoke Telemarketing package which fits your company’s needs. Our professionals will appoint the number of desired meetings required to justify our fees, while developing you fast and quantifiable sales.

To save you any pressure, The Local Marketing Team will make the calls and schedule appointments for you. What’s more, we will put together an engaging article followed by a sales message as part of our Mailer service. We will collate a list of all the potential customers that have opened and clicked through via the Email, so we know our audience to start your call sessions with.

Get in touch with our experts

Have you got a wish list of customers you want to get in front of today? Let us do the work for you by providing you with our quality Telemarketing services. To find out more, you can call us 01255 446117 or Email us [email protected] for more information from our experts.