What is a Website Audit?

What is a Website Audit?

With any website, you want it to rank better on search engines, like Google or Bing. The higher the rank of your site, the better the website converts and leads you to more customers. We all want this in the ideal world. With a Website Audit or SEO Audit, you will get a better understanding about what your website is doing and how you can improve it. As mentioned on Wikipedia, a website audit is a full analysis of all the factors that affects the websites visibility. You can think of a website audit like your car having a MOT. It will look for things that are correct or incorrect and then put plans together to get them fixed.

3 Types of Website Audit

Unlike a MOT where there is just one test that fits all, with a website audit you can conduct different types to get different results. Here we will list them, and why they are of benefit to you.

Technical Audit

With a technical audit, you will be looking at all the aspects of website that happen in the background. For example, looking at the site’s visibility, crawling and indexing as well as the structure of the website. One area that can cause your website a problem is having broken links or 404 errors on the website. The technical audit will perform a full site survey and crawl just like any search engine would.

SEO Audit

Sometimes a Technical Audit and SEO Audit are rolled into one. However, if you wanted to separate them for a more in-depth look, you will be focusing on seeing how well your website is optimised for search engines. You will be looking at keyword research, analysing analytics to see what users are doing when they are on your website and image optimisation. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Content Audit

Having all the right technical set up, and the site being optimised for SEO, is great. However, without content your site will not be anything as the consumer has nothing to read or interact with. A Content Audit will look at the different types of content, whether there is enough content and whether the content you have on your site is actually targeting the keywords and phrases identified from the SEO Audit.

We have listed 3 main types of website audit; however, the list can continue with more specialised audits like backlink audits, user experience audits and social media audits.

Do you need a website audit?

The short answer would be, if you want to rank better and convert more customers then Yes. Completing a full analysis of your website from the depths of the server through to what the customer can see is essential for website success. It helps guide you with what to do next on your site in terms of content, or optimising images. With an SEO Audit, you will be able to see where your customers are dropping off your site so then you can create content to keep them engaged right through to the completed conversion.

We’d like to share with you this fab Website Audit Checklist , so you can see if your website is performing up to its potential!

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