The use of videos over photos
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The use of videos over photos

Car dealership marketing

Over the past 3-5 years, we have noticed a huge increase in the use of video presentations/productions for businesses over the use of photos and even professional photography. First, we saw the huge change in Facebooks style of video on its autoplay which has had its controversy over whether users prefer this feature or not and also the ability to go back and watch recently played videos. We have seen a huge increase in clients engagement of videos over the past 12 months, the reach and reactions. This has helped in a big way to drive traffic to our client’s websites, increase brand awareness and lead generation.

One of the largest increase in business sectors using videos that we have noticed has been car dealerships! We have been working with numerous car dealerships across Essex, producing video presentations of their stock and on the right occasion their showroom. This is where we have seen an increase in brand awareness and visibility online.

Our process: 

1/ We arrange once a week to visit each dealership to video a minimum of 3 vehicles, new or old stock which can take around 30 minutes per vehicle, we try and get videos of every angle of the car from the headlights, allows to the gadgets the car may have whether that is Sat Nav, electric boot opener to the convertible roof if the vehicle has one.

2/ Once all the videos of the vehicles have been completed we then edit back in the office car by car. We use two different pieces of software depending on the complexity of the editing Movavi or Adobe Premiere Pro, this is where we input text, sliders, music transitions and edit and roughness by stabilizing each slide for smoothness and shaking which can be caused by the steadiness of your hand on awkward angles.

3/ Now that all the videos have been produced and edited we now upload them to each client’s Youtube channel, which we then use the link to add to Autotrader, eBay Motors and any other marketing platforms they may be using.

Working with car dealership producing videos can be an exciting project seeing many different types of vehicles and watching the whole process put being put together.

If you are a local car dealership and you are interested in producing videos for your stock to help not only stand out on the likes of Autotrader but also help shift stock then feel free to contact our office.

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