The Story Behind – Essex Gas Solutions

The Local Marketing Team are proud to have provided our marketing expertise to Essex Gas Solutions. Essex Gas Solutions are experienced Gas Engineers serving Clacton-On-Sea and surrounding areas. This local family run Gas and Heating company in Clacton offer quality and efficient gas, plumbing and heating services for both domestic and commercial clients.





Putting together our marketing strategy


The client required a variety of our marketing services to promote their work. As a result, we pitched them a complete re-design of their current site and a bespoke SEO strategy. Our goal was to create a perfectly functioning website that showcased their services and allowed easy communication between customer and client.

Following the site creation, we planned to optimise the site for search engines and implement the correct CRO measures to help generate new leads. Additionally, and at their request, we created a brand new logo design to help improve the identity of their brand online and give their business a fresh new appeal.

Our Work


We are proud to have delivered the client with a professionally tailored website design. Our team completely restructured the layout to improve the level of user-experience and to help the brand stand out from the rest in the industry. Our professional designers focused on creating a site that is easy to navigate and mobile responsive.

The goal of their website’s new innovative visual design was to help boost their digital presence and grow their business online. We have ensured that there is relevant, high-quality content prominent on each page to encourage high user engagement and improved rankings.

website design
Website Design


We aimed to create a website that showcased the true value of Essex Gas Solutions’ services to attract more customers. The client wanted a website to convey the quality of their customer service and promote the work they complete.The design concept we created featured a professional and modern appearance, including a quick link navigation to help increase their conversions.The site offers an attractive, simple and clear layout to help capture their audience’s attention and ensure visitors are able to find information quicker.

We restructured the heading tag hierarchy, added alt text to the images and implemented relevant keywords to target on Google.

The technical tasks included improving the site speed by compressing large files and tailoring the site to respond efficiently on mobile.

The whole Local Marketing Team have helped us with all problems big or small. They have advised us on how to grow and promote our business. We are extremely happy with the website they designed for us and would highly recommend them.

SEO Insights & Growth Stats

Between December 4th 2019 and March 4th 2019 (quarterly data), Essex Gas Solutions’ website sessions increased by 32% and the number of users increased by 35%. This shows that our bespoke SEO strategy improved keyword rankings due to the higher amount of people finding and visiting the site.

As a result of our SEO strategy, Essex Gas Solutions also achieved an increase of 188 new users to their website between December 4th 2019 and March 4th 2020. This shows that our SEO activity has boosted the visibility of their site and generated more traffic.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

We have completed a variety of CRO tasks to increase new leads via the website. The Local Marketing Team worked hard to convert more users into customer by adding Call-To-Action buttons and internal links on each page. Another one of our CRO measures involved creating a ‘free quote’ form to encourage users to send a message to confirm their interest in Essex Gas Solutions’ services.

The goal of our CRO strategy is to track the visitors’ behaviour onsite and persuade them to take the desired action on Essex Gas Solutions’ site. This involved making sure contact information i.e. phone numbers and email addresses were clickable. See examples below: