Advanced Autoglazing


Advanced Autoglazing are a window tinting and windscreen replacement company based in Essex and Suffolk. Long-standing and reputable in the trade, yet new to the digital world, Advanced Autoglazing wanted to improve their online presence.

However, after pouring significant budgets into other marketing agencies, they didn’t get the results that they wanted, nor the ones that they had been promise.

Fortunately, we were able to come in and make a big difference.






What we did

We revitalized and reformatted the page design and each page’s content across the site to create engaging, relevant information that was easy to view. Before, the content was not always specific to their locations, and was instead informative about towns.

This was not relevant to the client’s service offerings, so instead we focused on expanding on the services they offer, their distance from each location, and how long it takes them to reach each location (on average) to provide their services.

We also performed keyword research to determine the keywords that would generate more traffic from their ideal audience. Once we did this, we used the techniques in our bespoke and tailored SEO package to fight for high positions when these particular keywords are searched by search engine users.


We were able to achieve multiple position 1-3 rankings for this client’s most important keywords for their Google My Business listing.


We’re proud to have restored our client’s faith in digital marketing and the results it can generate. This is what they said:

“After an incredibly costly and frustrating time with Yell and a few other SEO company’s, I was of the the opinion that SEO companies were untrustworthy Pond life.

That is until I found Matthew and his team at the Local Marketing Team.

From this point onwards things were on the up big time. We agreed an action plan at under half the cost of Yell’s package and over the next few months we started to see big improvements in web & phone enquiries.

I’ve stuck with them for over four years now and enjoyed watching their business growing and my SEO results growing with them.

The long term improvement in SEO was so good it enabled me to completely drop all forms of advertising with Yell and reduce my PPC from £900 per month to around £200.

Special thanks also to Braedon who now handles my account and keep things running smoothly.” (Mike Goss, 2020)